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21 Days to Manifestation Mastery

I’d like to invite you to take a deep dive into the magic of manifestation with me. For the past few years, I’ve been interviewing people who have an uncanny ability to manifest what they want. These remarkable people can simply think of a desire, and it usually turns into a reality.

Their stories helped inspire me to write a best-selling book called Mind to Matter: The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality.

I call these people Master Manifestors. I’ve now interviewed over 100 of them, and I’ve been struck by one big thing:

They’re ordinary people…
Like you and me…
Yet they have one characteristic that makes them unique:
An extraordinary ability to turn their thoughts into things!

What can we learn from these creative geniuses? How do they do it? How can you and I do what they do? What mind-sets and techniques do they use to make the magic happen, time after time? What are their secrets?

I describe their common characteristics in my book Mind to Matter. They have highly coherent brains and focused minds. Yet these aren’t mysterious magic. They’re states of mind that anyone can learn and use.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to do this in your own life? Imagine your love life, your health, your money situation, your career, your spiritual path – if you had the ability to turn your dreams into reality.

I’ve been inspired by these Master Manifestors and I want you to know what they know. So I’ve decided to make their wisdom available to everyone. I’ve turned their most powerful stories into a quick and easy 21 day program. It’s called Thoughts to Things.

I know that we’re all busy, and don’t have time for long and involved programs.

So I’ve selected the best and most inspirational examples – as told by these Master Manifestors themselves – and I give them to you in just 5 minutes a day.

My 21 day program gives you an audio program by one Master each day. It’s just 5 minutes long. Yet it inspires you to train your mind to think the way they do.

You don’t have to think long and hard about this decision! Just opt in for free below below and join me for the Thoughts to Things audio series here. In the next 21 days, you’ll have the opportunity to learn the secrets of turning thoughts to things in your own life!
To your great future!

Dawson Church
Executive Director
National Institute for Integrative Healthcare
Become a Master Manifestor

Have you ever wondered how some people are able to manifest their desires so easily? They want something, and it appears effortlessly from out of the blue?

Other people are the opposite. No matter how hard they struggle, their dreams rarely come true.

Those who have learned the secret of manifestation are Master Manifestors. They’ve discovered a way of thinking and being that produces what they want… time after time.

They don’t need to sweat or work hard to produce their dreams. They think of a goal or desire – and it seems to appear as if by magic. These lucky people are the true masters of manifestation.

  • Would you like to become like one of them?
  • Would you like to know what they know?
  • Would you like to condition your mind to be able to do the same thing?
  • Would you like to learn to do what they do?

Please join me in a short program on manifestation mastery. It’s called Thoughts to Things, and it’s just 21 days long. Each day gives you a 5 minute audio program that will inspire you to think like a Manifestation Master.

Among the Manifestors from whom you'll learn are:
Jack Canfield

How the title of the Chicken Soup series came to me

Christy Whitman
How I found the perfect man
Dan Siegel, PhD

How my wife got the call the moment she was thinking about a friend

Jonathan Robinson
How I got on Oprah
Cherie Clark, PhD

The man who walked through walls

Larry Doessey, MD
The brain-damaged savant who could play Tchaikovsky
Reggie McKiver

How I went from making $13/hour to six figures in a year

Zen deBrucke
How I got to swim with dolphins
Rick Leskowitz, MD

How I got my column published in the Boston Globe

Cara Bradley
How Villanova University won the basketball championship
Clara Chorley

The Cuban cowboy and the horse

In this short program, you’ll get 21 days of inspiration from Master Manifestors, one for each and every day. You’ll hear them tell their powerful personal stories in their own words. You’ll be inspired to cultivate the mind-set that turns thoughts to things.

Every day, right in your inbox, you’ll receive:

  • A 5 minute audio story, like those above, for 21 days
  • Three brief meditations – one for each week – to train your brain in the methods Master Manifestors use
  • A daily manifestation theme to shape each day
  • A potent question to ponder and journal about that day

Every day for 21 days, when you join Thoughts to Things, you’ll listen to a 5 minute audio story from one of these “power thinkers.” You’ll start your day inspired and receptive to manifestation. You’ll follow this up with a 7 minute meditation that puts your brain into a state that’s receptive to intuition, synchronicity, and manifestation.

The Thoughts to Things program lasts for 21 days. Each week, you’ll get a new meditation to listen to.
The 3 meditations in this program are based on scientifically proven methods like:
Heart Coherence
And It's FREE!

The meditations have a very specific structure that will put your brain into a receptive state quickly. You don’t have to do anything; just put on your headphones, relax, and listen. The brain entrainment techniques used in the 3 meditations will automatically shift your brain into a coherent state in just a few minutes.

You’ll then be in the state of “relaxed alertness” that Master Manifesters cultivate in their daily living. These brain states predispose you to being more creative, to hearing your intuition, and to evoking synchronicities in your life. They’re key to turning thoughts to things.

You’ll also get several powerful bonus programs when you sign up for the program. These are audios with Dawson Church talking about Manifestation.
Bonus #1 :
Jeffrey Martin

author of The Finders - In this one hour long, 2 part series Jeffrey talks about Fundamental Wellbeing and types consciousness 

Bonus #2 :
Dawson Church, PhD

applies the insights of the new field of Epigenetics to healing in his presentation, Consciousness and Healing

Bonus #3 :
Dawson Church, PhD

Presentation of Brain Change with Tapping and Meditation

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What Others Have Said About Thoughts to Things

〝 This was a transformative experience for me – I realize now that my own happiness is only limited by me. Dawson’s personal stories and struggles gave me hope and courage, and the teaching gave me the tools. Thank you! 〞

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Sylvia Scherr

〝 I deeply enjoyed each of the experiences. I take away a profound impact on my life. This experience was far beyond my expectations, or any I could have dreamed of. 〞

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Macy Griffin